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Yonder Mountain String Band

Art direction

Yonder Mountain String Band is an American progressive bluegrass group from Nederland, Colorado. The band played at the iconic Red Rocks venue with Keller Williams in August 2008 and again with Xavier Rudd in 2009. The band's management asked Anthem Branding to design promotional pieces to commemorate the shows.



The band wanted to pay homage to Red Rocks, a favorite spot for them to play, due its epic views and amphitheater sounds. Red Rocks is such a historic and well-regarded venue - it was also a personal challenge to depict the event space in a unique way. I used this opportunity to create distinctly modern interpretations of the location and introduce new visual directions to the band.



For the 2008 poster, I created an atmospheric scene equally inspired by lunar landscapes and the band's unique approach to bluegrass. Apparel from the 2009 concert takes a more abstract view of the towering rock structures at Red Rocks.


Art direction & design: Michael Benjamin
Agency: Anthem Branding