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Creative direction

As a daily bicycle rider on my commute to and from the office, the opportunity to work on the launch of a new brand from a prestigious company like WD-40 was a unique pleasure.



Initial research and consumer insight showed that shoppers who want to maintain their bikes respond to well-known brand names and are focused on product quality instead of price. From a production standpoint, the packaging had to fit in with WD-40s existing printing and assembly systems. The formulas were still being finalized while our work began, and recommendations from WD-40s research and development team shaped the information on display as well as the profile and construction of the packaging.



Our initial creative exploration included a wide range of potential visual directions, so we could consider different brand personalities and ways to stand out on the shelf. We landed on a clean and bold design that places the WD-40 branding front-and-center, with color-coded elements to differentiate between each product. Custom technical illustrations identify where to use the product and add an unique visual accent to each offering.


Creative direction & project management: Michael Benjamin
Graphic design: Jesse Green
Agency: Anthem Branding