Hi, Coley —

I’m excited about this opportunity to collaborate with you to grow the W Aspen brand and elevate your guests’ experience with a private label rosé wine. Based on our conversation, I’ve outlined the approach for a creative partnership between us. Timelines and project details are approximate until the scope of work is confirmed.

Here’s the punch list of project details we discussed:

  • How will the labels be printed? Digital or Offset? Are metallic or foil inks an option?

  • What is the content required on the front of the label? Is there any additional information that you want to include?

  • Can you share any examples of wine labels or other design examples you like?

  • Please send over an image of your signature.

project details

W Aspen Private Label Rosé Wine label design

5 business days

Total cost:


creative direction

Research wine labels in the marketplace and familiarize myself with design trends across private label products offered in the hospitality industry. Create a mood board that previews the look and feel of the label design. Discuss and confirm the creative direction.

Deliverable: One (1) creative strategy presentation deck


art direction & design

Develop two (2) front label design concepts that reflect the approved creative direction.

Deliverable: Two (2) Coley Rosé front label concepts

Optional: add another concept
An additional concept gives you a greater breadth of creative ideas to consider before moving forward.
+ $1,200 for two (2) more design concepts

Optional: design for the back label
Add a design for the back label so the aesthetic of your wine is consistently beautiful.
+ $900 for one (1) back label design that matches the approved front label concept



One (1) round of collaborative edits to progress one (1) presented concept to production artwork.

Deliverable: Updated design and layout for one (1) concept

Optional: add a round of edits
An additional round of edits gives you another opportunity to update content and express your creative vision.
+ $600 per round of edits


asset release

Create production-ready artwork for one (1) approved label concept. You’ll receive a download link with all of the digital elements associated with the project. You own all of the creative assets from our entire engagement.

Deliverable: Project design assets


my availability

Nov. 4 - Nov. 8
Nov. 18 - Nov. 22
Dec. 2 - Dec. 6
Dec. 9 - Dec. 13


To save a space for your project on my schedule:

  1. Confirm that you’d like to move forward and retain my services by Wednesday 10/30.

  2. I’ll send an agreement for digital signature that reflects the full scope of work. The agreement must be signed before work on your project begins.

  3. I’ll send an invoice for 50% of the total project cost. The deposit must be paid before work on your project begins.

Thank you!

Art Direction 1 MBDesign_2018_0103.png