Artboard 1.png

Upslope Brewing

Art direction

One of my first projects at Anthem Branding was the creation of the branding for Upslope Brewing. Upslope was one of the first breweries to exclusively put their craft beer in a can. They needed a look that would stand out on shelves and a design system that would set them up for success as they grew.



Upslope Brewing’s sleek artistic direction and brand-focused layout helped the craft brewery stand out in Colorado's extremely crowded craft beer market. I worked directly with the brewery’s founders to create the bold on-shelf statement and flexible, brand-focused visual system.



Inspired by national park signage and the shapes of the Rocky Mountains, I designed a distinctive brand mark for Upslope. The can's unique look is rooted in minimalist design and reflects a commitment to pure ingredients and high quality. A simple combination of crisp typography and color blocking – set against the natural aluminum can – created a one-of-a-kind brand statement that helped craft beer drinkers discover their new favorite brewery.


Art direction & design: Michael Benjamin
Agency: Anthem Branding