Hi, Todd—

I’ve enjoyed talking with you over the last few days. It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to provide creative value and positive impact to your company and your brand.

I used our conversation as a starting point and outlined an approach for a creative partnership between us. Timelines and project details are approximate until the scope of work is confirmed. ↓

social media consult

Lead a speedy repositioning of your social media execution.

  1. Lead search for social media manager

  2. Guide brand immersion for new social manager

  3. Collaborate to develop social calendar and post content

  4. Direct channel posting strategy, post content, and presentation

  5. Develop strategic action plan to outline next steps

  6. Includes regular updates and project management

Deliverable: Social media management solution

Timeline: 2 weeks, November 8-22

Investment: Starting at $3,600


brand & marketing evolution

Develop a holistic brand communication strategy that fosters a strong connection with your audience.

  1. Comprehensive brand communication audit

  2. Collaborative branding workshop

  3. Stakeholder surveys and interviews

  4. Market landscape and competitive analysis

  5. Audience research and psychographic personas

  6. Ideas for creative direction, including image art direction, look and feel, tone of voice, visual identity system, product packaging, collateral

  7. Recommendations for marketing and creative staffing

  8. Includes project management and regular updates

  9. Optional: Ethnographic interviews

Deliverable: Brand action document

Timeline: 2 weeks, December 4-18 or January 7-21

Investment: Starting at $7,200


To save a space for your project on my schedule:

  1. Confirm that you’d like to move forward and retain my services.

  2. I’ll send an agreement for digital signature that reflects the full scope of work. The agreement must be signed before work on your project begins.

  3. I’ll send an invoice for 50% of the total project cost. The deposit must be paid before work on your project begins.

Thank you ✌️

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