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Brand strategy • Creative direction

Driven by a desire to build a diverse and inclusive communities throughout Boulder County, Thistle develops affordable and market-rate condos and apartments. Building high-quality housing and repurposing formerly blighted areas, Thistle is an innovative and successful business. However, Thistle's old logo didn't inspire confidence in their abilities.



Working with Thistle's CEO, I established a clear strategy that drove our creative decisions. Starting with the name, we removed the modifier "Communities" that was previously in use, creating a more concise presentation. Bound together by a universal mission of connection and inclusion, the brand's bright personality and clean visual style was a natural progression.



The new Thistle logo is modern and strong. It's bolstered by a bold identity system, with a high-contrast color palette and approachable typography that give the organization a powerful visual platform.


Creative direction: Michael Benjamin
Graphic design: Mia Huang
Account management: Ellen Macy
Agency: Anthem Branding