Artboard 1.png

The Kitchen Next Door

Creative direction

The Kitchen Next Door is a casual, family-friendly restaurant with a classic selection of farm-to-table comfort food and craft beverages. The high-level brand concept needed refinement before expanding throughout Colorado and the US.



Staying true to the restaurant’s original concept, The Kitchen Next Door brand focuses on its core ideals of being friendly, accessible, affordable, and sustainable. While the brand has upscale touches and high-quality food, the overall vibe is casual and not stuffy.



The logomark prioritizes the words “Next Door” while minimizing the relationship parent company The Kitchen. Strong typography allows for quick name recognition, and the lettering is accented with an urban-inspired texture. The mark incorporates space for a tagline, allowing the restaurant to adjust the brand messaging in different markets.


Creative direction & project management: Michael Benjamin
Graphic design: Whitney Wack
Agency: Anthem Branding