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Sir Bananas

Brand strategy • Creative direction

While it's popular throughout the rest of the world, flavored fruit milk isn't an everyday treat for most people in the US. Working with WhiteWave on their debut bananamilk product, we identified that the primary challenge was education – what is this new drink, and does it taste good? Finding the answer involved consumer research, branding strategy, naming ideation, and strong creative direction throughout the development and execution of the new product launch.



Our creative team partnered with brand managers and food scientists at WhiteWave to build the brand position for the product. A truly collaborative approach saw stakeholders at every level share input, resulting in a clear and concise creative strategy, fully vetted brand name, and a bold visual direction for retail packaging.



Going into the design phase, we knew the packaging needed to communicate quickly, introduce a positive taste experience, and appeal to people who had never heard of bananamilk. Sir Bananas, the cute monkey mascot we created, immediately grabs attention of both parents and children and creates a friendly connection. The visual direction is clean overall, with funky artistic touches that ensure a unique and distinct brand identity.


Creative direction: Michael Benjamin
Graphic design: Jesse Green, Courtney McArtor, Mia Huang
Illustration: Brizida Ahrnsbrak
Copywriting: Erin Bosik
Account management: Jacki Ognibene
Agency: Anthem Branding