Schnibs Pretzels

Brand strategy • Creative direction

Schnibs Pretzels needed a professional and eye-catching retail package design in order to have their pretzels featured on the shelves at Whole Foods stores across the Front Range. I worked with the creative team at Anthem Branding and the founders of Schnibs Pretzels to create a distinctive and upscale design solution.



Snack aisles at natural markets are very competitive and packed with high-quality products. Schnibs needed an upscale look to relate back to their artisanal baking process, and and eye-catching design statement to help the boutique brand stand out on shelves and appeal to customers.



The packaging highlights the handcrafted artistry that goes into every bag: owners Paul and Jamie make their pretzels in small batches early every morning. The new brand mark we designed immediately signals that Schnibs is a premium brand with a unique personality. The design prioritizes the brand name for increased recognition, and uses bright colors to get attention. A clear window gives consumers a preview of the goods.


Creative direction: Michael Benjamin
Graphic design: Julia Williams
Account management: Jacki Ognibene
Agency: Anthem Branding