Scarpetta Wine

Art direction

Scarpetta makes affordable, great-tasting wines with grapes from some of Italy's favorite winemaking regions, as well as from lesser-known areas of the country. Increasing opportunities for distribution across the US and internationally meant that the brand's visual personality needed to be recognizable and authentic.



With scratchboard illustrations by Antar Dyal, the wine labels were already distinct and artful. As Scarpetta's offerings expanded, the color combinations needed careful consideration in order to appeal to shoppers and look different from one another. Working with the team at Anthem Branding, we updated all of the Scarpetta labels to ensure consistency, and also created the cheeky label system for the more-accessible Frico brand of wines that are available in both bottles and cans.



As the new labels debuted at wine shops and in restaurants across the country, we worked to ensure the brand was supported on digital platforms as well. We wanted to tell the full story of Scarpetta wines, from discovering favorite varieties on cycling trips across Italy, to the Italian concept of the family table, where wine is enjoyed with food every day. Traveling through Venice and exploring the alpine village of Sauris, I worked with photographer William Hereford to set up shots in town squares, at cafés and restaurants, and inside the family estate of a local winemaker. These images add a true Italian spirit to brand communications, from the new website to the company's Instagram.


Creative direction & art direction: Michael Benjamin
Graphic design: Catherine Wenger & Courtney McArtor
Digital design & development: Emerson Stone
Label illustration: Antar Dayal
Photography: William Hereford
Agency: Anthem Branding