Hi, Kuvy —

I’m so glad we connected! I appreciate you considering me for this opportunity to collaborate with you and your clients to evolve their brand presentation.

Based on our conversation, I’ve outlined a sample approach for a creative partnership between us. ↓

turbo: brand accelerator

To start, I’ll ask you to deliver all relevant background information, collateral examples, key messaging, and any other critical information related to the client’s brand. I’ll send a brand survey that your client will need to complete in order for us to move forward.

As we’re scheduling the workshop we’ll develop an agenda that will guide the conversations and exercises. The brand survey completed by the client will inform the discussion as well as our preliminary research.

  • Day 1: Project kick-off + assets delivered by ROOT

  • Day 2: Brand survey sent to client

  • Day 3: Discovery + research

  • Day 4: Brand survey completed by client

  • Day 5: Prepare agenda for client workshop


A half-day workshop with the client includes group conversations around the brand history, competitors, target audience, and current pain points. We’ll guide the discussion and exercises together.

After the workshop, I’ll develop a creative strategy that includes high-level details about brand positioning, market opportunities, tone of voice, aesthetic, and creative territories for exploration. We’ll review this plan with the client and develop creative work for (3) brand deliverables. These will often include but are not limited to:

  • Identity update: Make minor adjustments to an existing logo, update colors, typography, and overall aesthetic

  • Social content: Develop creative direction for product photography, lifestyle photography, post and story visual treatments, caption tone of voice, hashtags.

  • Website home page: Create a static preview showing the new look-and-feel and content for a refreshed brand home page.

The client has multiple opportunities to share their vision and guide the creative work. First, when we review the strategy together. Then, there are (2) rounds of comprehensive reviews during creative development. Lastly, when the final work is shared, the client can request small edits and tweaks before the design assets are delivered to them via Dropbox link.

  • Day 6: Half-day workshop with MB + ROOT + client

  • Day 7: Creative strategy reviewed with client

  • Day 8: MB delivers round 1 creative with (3) deliverables

  • Day 9: Based on client feedback, MB delivers round 2 creative

  • Day 10: MB releases final creative assets to client



  • Investment: $8,250

  • Timeline: About 2 weeks


Optional add-ons
We can add services directly to the process above, or offer additional services after the work has been completed.

  • Stakeholder interviews: Visit key locations, and collect insights and opinions into the current state of the industry and future opportunities for the brand. Starting at $1,500.

  • Complete brand evolution: Create a new visual expression for the brand, including logo, identity system, color palette, typography, illustration/photography. Starting at $8,000.

  • Website: Build a website using one of the Squarespace’s restaurant themes. Starting at $8,000.

Additional costs
There are other expenses associated with a brand workshop that must be covered either by ROOT or the client.

  • Workshop: We’ll need a room or larger space for the half-day workshop. Daily conference room rentals in Boulder start at $3,000.

  • Incidentals: We’ll need basic office supplies for the workshop, like pens, markers, sticky notes, and a sticky easel pad. We’ll also need catering for the workshop with hot and cold beverages, and breakfast or lunch. Average costs per workshop may be $500.

Exact project timelines and my availability are subject to change. Please check with me before setting a project calendar. I require a minimum of two weeks lead time before a starting the scheduled start of a project.

Before starting a project, I’ll send an agreement for digital signature that reflects the full scope of work, along with a separate invoice for 50% of the total project cost. The deposit must be paid before work on a project begins.

Thank you!

Art Direction 1 MBDesign_2018_0103.png