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Mineral UI

Brand strategy • Creative direction

CA Technologies has developed enterprise-level computer software since 1976. In 2017, they debuted their Mineral user interface: an open-source design system that allows teams to build modern and appealing software experiences. Competing with popular user interface solutions, like Google Material, we had to convince designers and developers to adopt this new framework.



Working with a group of design leaders across the organization, we discovered that the core aspect that makes Mineral unique is the way it helps make building websites and apps easier by providing patterns, reusable components and design guidelines. The platform's specific approach unites teams across disciplines and helps lead to more collaborative and efficient results.



Collaborative iterations brought us to a graphic solution that highlights that Mineral is more than the sum of its parts. The logo's modern look inspires feelings of innovation and agile thinking, with a color set that distinguishes the brand from competitors.


Creative direction: Michael Benjamin
Graphic design: Monte Mitchell
Account management: Ellen Macy
Agency: Anthem Branding