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Creative direction

FoodCorps shares their healthy appreciation for fruits, vegetables, and good nutrition with school children across the United States. The organization’s previous logo fell short of positioning the group as a powerful force for change. Too many colors made consistent reproduction difficult, and an outdated design didn't reflect the organization's successful track record or forward-looking perspective.



I was introduced to the organization when I represented Anthem Branding at a one-day brand hack, working with strategists and creatives from other Boulder-based agencies to rethink the FoodCorps brand. My concept for a new visual look and feel sparked a conversation about an updated visual identity, and Anthem Branding was awarded the work.



The new FoodCorps brand mark builds on the original vision, adding a dose of personality, character, and improved illustration. The logo is supported by an array of communication elements that give the organizational team the tools they need to share news and updates on social media and in printed pieces like annual reports.

It was through Michael and because of my positive impression of him and his work that I brought my organization to work with Anthem and his team. We ended up with beautiful results!

Creative direction: Michael Benjamin
Graphic design: Catherine Wenger, Julia Williams
Account management: Jacki Ognibene
Agency: Anthem Branding