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Camber Outdoors

Creative direction

Originally founded in 1996 as a trade organization, the Outdoor Industry Women’s Coalition (OIWC) signaled a renewed dedication to diversity and equity when they approached our team at Anthem Branding and asked for help restarting their brand. The group's executive director, Deanne Buck, had a vision of broad support for people of all different backgrounds, experiences, identities, and abilities.



I led our team as we uncovered truths that would inspire strategy, collaborated with the organization's board members, and planned the public launch of the new brand at Outdoor Retailer, the largest annual trade event for the active-outdoor industry.



We selected the name Camber Outdoors for its meaning – a "camber" is a slight arc shape used in product development for outdoor gear from skis to roof racks, while the slight shift to "outdoors" suggests dynamic action. The bold brand mark is both a personalized monogram and inspired by an infinity sign, a perfect match for the organization's outlook on the future.


Creative direction: Michael Benjamin
Account management: Jacki Ognibene, Ellen Macy
Graphic design: Mia Huang
Copywriting: Erin Bosik
Agency: Anthem Branding